As the world experiences a global economic recession, it would be wise to think about a more important recession, the consequences of which are far more destructive - Spiritual Recession! Among the Pentecostal believers, unfortunately, spiritual values are deteriorating at an incredible momentum.

In its initial years of the Pentecostal movement, it grew more vibrant and powerful and it did spread like wild fire. Believers kept themselves separated from the world, led simple and holy lives, trusted in the Lord more, and worshiped Him in Spirit and truth. Today, for many believers including elders and youngsters, separation from the world is a beautiful concept, not a reality. For long, simple lifestyle has disappeared from the spiritual realm. Preaching the message of the cross of Christ has given way for materialism. Worship is led in accordance with each one's own spirit and glory and honor is shared between themselves. Attention is now focused on establishing each one�s own kingdom rather than God's kingdom.

Today's so called Christian youth are more engaged in high tech gadgets, sports, and other secular activities. Though, many attend the church on Sundays, they are too busy to attend fasting prayers or other meditational sessions. In response to financial recession, the government is working hard to bring a recovery. On the contrary, in response to spiritual recession, many among us remain idle. No effort is made to bring about a spiritual recovery or a revival. It is time to focus on ourselves and start working for a spiritual revival on an individual basis.

Here arise certain relevant questions.
What are the reasons that brought us to this disastrous situation?
What happened to the generations of the pioneers of the Pentecostal Movement who sacrificed their comforts for the sake of the love of Christ?

The answer is very simple. Many of us have lost our visions and commitments and started to compromise with the world. It is time for the young and the old alike to clean up dusty prayer closets and use it for intense prayer and meditation. With a lamenting heart, let us fall before God. It is time to ingest the living, purifying, and empowering Word of the living God. Then and only then, a true spiritual revival will emerge. Thus the Church will flourish once again. With all our might, let the work against spiritual recession begin and let it start from each one of us, today. God Bless!

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