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"Because of thirst, the infant's tongue sticks to the roof of its mouth; the children beg for bread, but no one gives it to them" Lamentations 4:4 (NIV).

Prophet Jeremiah heard the literal cry of children on the streets at his time and prophesied about the great hunger of the children of all generations for spiritual food and water. At Gilgal Pentecostal Assembly, we take the earnest hunger and thirst of the children very seriously. The world tries to entice them with counterfeit food and water that cannot satisfy the innermost hunger and thirst of the children. We listen and act on the cry of the next generation for food that makes them spiritually and socially healthy. Imagine we close all medical and nursing schools in the country. After 30 to 40 years, when all the existing medical professionals are retired and gone, where will your grand children go if they get sick? The same is true with spiritual needs. If we do not train our next generation in the Lord's way, this world will be a dark place to live, with no moral absolutes or spiritual direction in the next century. Train them when they are young so that they will never depart from it.

Here at Gilgal, talented and dedicated volunteers teach our Sunday school. Radiant Life Curriculum & Sunday School Resources are used. Radiant Life lessons are firmly rooted in God's Word and prepared by the Assemblies of God. This curriculum goes beyond the basics, allowing the Holy Spirit to make transformation in the student's life.

Sunday school starts every Sunday at 9:30 AM and ends at 10:30 AM. Classes are divided into seven levels, based on age and grade.

Malayalam Bible class for the rest of the congregation is conducted in the main sanctuary by our pastor or any visiting pastor assigned by him. Before the start of the class, the congregation comes together for 15 minutes to praise God through singing, prayer and meditation on the word of God. The senior class takes turns presenting a short thought-provoking message. The high school class brings awareness of the countries where Christians are persecuted through a power point presentation . The Gilgal Pentecostal Church choir, age 12 and younger, lead the songs and all students join them in singing.

Every year during Thanksgiving time, we conduct a memory verse competition in which each Sunday school class will write memory verses. The top two students from each class will be awarded trophies and the class which gets the most points will be awarded the rolling trophy for the year. Each year in December, we have our Sunday school and youth anniversary celebration. Students demonstrate their talents during this celebration. It is a fun event with lots of food and prizes. All the programs during previous years were very thought-provoking, encouraging and fun to watch.

Thank you in advance for sharing and trusting your children with the Gilgal Sunday school.

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